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The event...

At dawn, February 2nd ,2010,

On the steps of Val d’Espoir church, 1234 Principale ,

Meet Fred the Groundhog

to find out if it will be spring in six weeks or less!


Here is the schedule of the event:

Le 5 à 7 matinal :

         Pancake breakfast with Maple or chocolate syrup.

      All profits go to students activitiesr

         At 6, a music and light show will happen in front of the church.

At 7, when the sun will rise,

Fred will make an appearance to see his shadow or not… and predict the beginning of spring.

From 8:00 to 12:00, let’s party…

         “Le Bal à Fred”... Live music by Absinthe, a local group

         Dog sleigh ride for children

Offered by « Aux jardins de l’Anse et Chenil Husky des Montagnes »

           Activities by and for children.


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